Thursday, August 19, 2010

Neurology vs. Neurosurgery

I want to be a neurosurgeon. I want to be the person who can operate the most sensitive anatomy of an individual. BUT, i don't know if I can.

I can study neurology. I can be an IM-hardcore neurologist but this is not what i want. I want to become a neuroSURGEON. My dilemma right now is on how to be a surgeon given that: 1. I am diagnosed with palmar hyperhydrosis; 2. my hands aren't stable for operations; 3. I love coffee; 4. I smoke; 5. I get nervous easily.



  1. Seems to me that if you REALLY want something, you can give up the pleasurable things that (partly) make it impossible. I'd start there and work my way up to dealing with the physical disabilities.
    Good luck.

  2. Got my operation for my hands already but I'm now in love with Neurology. :) Just realized that im a lot more on thinking and diangosing than doing surgery alone. (no pun intended for surgeons) besides i loved surgery before this.

  3. actually about palmer hyperhydroses there is a medicine or a cream that make the hyperhydrose less efective and there is a vaccine to stop with that, but make possible to the hyperhydroses appear in another region of your body, a region worst than in the palm, like foot or back. If you love coffe and smoke doesnt affect in your surgeries. the best neurosurgeon in my city is a hard smoker and drink cofee and alcohol.. he is a bit crazy like almost all of the neurosurgeons. those are not actually normal completely. this is good to them, i guess. you get nervous with what? with people around you? with situations unexpected? are you impatient? if yes, you are not able to be a neurosurgeon. if you really want it you have to control your feelings, you might have the life of someone literaly in your hands. maybe you should try to find another specialization in the medical field. just think in what you can do to be who you want to be. i am going to be a neurosurgeon, or i hope so, i know my conditions, i am capable for that. are you?

  4. we call the surgery endoscopic thoracosympathectomy where you actually block (through cautery/clipping) the sympathetic trunk supplying the affected areas. im not sure about the cream that you're talking about but what i know of is the Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate that's more of an elixir that you apply at night-- this didnt work for me. I also tried using botox for my hands. well as we know its mechanism, it blocks ACH at the synaptic cleft which would therefore decrease sweating. and yes, unfortunately, this also didnt work for me. haven't heard of the vaccine for that because, well, basically, hyperhidrosis is not caused by infection nor hyperactivation of our immune system. my last resort was the operation and it finally worked. i now have dry and stable hands. Anxiety, for what i believe it is (in my case), is tolerable. with those being said, well i guess, im more competent now to become a neurosurgeon as compared to "me" prior to my operation; however, as what i have said in my earlier post, im quite decided to be a neurologist instead. i love what they do and i definitely love how they think.

    Good for you that you think you are capable of being a future neurosurgeon. Good luck to you then! :)